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Form us with love & BAUX develop 100% bio-based acoustic pulp panels

Presented during this year’s stockholm furniture fair, the BAUX acoustic pulp is a series of nine, 100% bio-based and biodegradable panels that combine high-performance properties with modern aesthetics. developed together with swedish design studio form us with love, the panels’ design draws from origami folding techniques, which help create the perfect acoustical environment.

The BAUX team has developed a revolutionary new material based on over 25 years of research, working with scientists from the royal institute of technology (KTH) and a high-tech life science laboratory that works with biomimicry to organically modify cellulose fibers from recycled streams of swedish pine and spruce trees. strong, water-repellent, and lightweight, the panel is finished with a nano-perforated surface, which allows sound waves to enter and get trapped in the honeycomb chambers on the backside—utilizing technology once reserved for aircrafts and spaceships while keeping material usage to a minimum.

Instead of paint, the acoustic pulp is colored with non-GMO wheat bran, since ‘adding paint would have compromised our vision of creating a 100% bio-based product,’ as john löfgren, creative director at form us with love explains. using different percentages of wheat bran, BAUX acoustic pulp comes to life with character and color, without using any chemicals at all.’

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